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Casa de Dom Inacio

Your Journey - Photography

The healing energy experienced by this group can be seen as glowing light emanating upward from them, profound increases in energy is achieved through meditation by these individuals.


When the body and the mind join the conversation with the spirit, energies of higher caliber will show up.

This woman is surrounded by circular energy orbs. Shortly after the photo was taken she passed away.

Our hosts in Abadainia at Hotel Amazonas

Abadiania, Brazil: First and foremost note that the energies are emanating from the people of my group although in some photos they are around other people. That is because I have prepared and coached them to raise their thougts to the outcome they wanted, and trust God that their highest and best will be delivered. Their bodies begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, joining with the higher vibration/ frequency of All That Is.


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