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It is a privilege to have the opportunity to share the positive impact Eva Crow’s work has had on my life. She has a true gift for healing on many levels that is very rare and valuable.

I have been working with Ms. Crow for more than a year.  Fortunately, I have been blessed with relatively good health.  However the natural process of aging does exact a toll.  I believe my work with Eva had prevented the progression of numerous maladies that could have resulted in more serious conditions.

Yet, for me, the greatest benefit.  I have realized from her work has not been physical.  Rather, Ms Crow has been able to guide me and heal a great deal of emotional pain from my past.

It is true that the body holds our experiences.  While my experiences had not being manifested in chronic or terminal illness, the seeds had been planted.  Ms Crow, through her work, has been able to release the trauma and negativity still being held in my body.

She creates a wonderfully safe emotional environment in which very deep psychological work can occur.  I know her to possess the higher ethics and moral conduct in her work.

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I am more skeptical than most regarding the authenticity of individuals in healing professions.  I am convinced of the enormous potential Ms. Crow’s work holds, as I have personally benefited tremendously.  I believe Ms. Crow’ work can help anyone seeking relief from physical, as well as emotional distress.

C. Tench

I’m writing to you concerning Ms. Eva Crow to recommend her as an outstanding healer and educator.

Let me begin by introducing myself.  I am a physician and psychiatrist and am widely regarded as an authority on innovative approaches to western medicine, as well as traditional and indigenous forms of healing.  I am the founder and director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC, a Clinical Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Family Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine, and currently the Chair of the White House Commission on Complementary and alternative Medicine Policy.

I know Eva and her work quite well - as a colleague, as a friend, and a participant in two trips she organized to Brazil.  I’ve watched her interact with clients, have referred her patients of mine to her, and have experienced her work personally. 
Throughout, I’ve been extremely impressed by her ability to understand and work with people of vastly different backgrounds, and their complex, psychological issues, and her skill in helping people to heal themselves and find their path greater physical, emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

I’ve also been extremely impressed by Eva’s efforts to bring together physicians and healers from variety of cultures.  I myself, have met traditional healers in Brazil with whom she has closely worked, and have gained significant understanding and insight from my meetings with them.

In all her dealings – with clients and colleagues, as well as with working with individuals and leading trips with a group – Eva has consistently shown the highest intelligence and integrity.
She combines a wonderful intuitive understanding of individuals with a down to earth practicality and a sense of humor that is rare.

I very much look forward to continuing to work with her as she develops her healing center, and as she continues her efforts to bring bearers of ancient wisdom together with modern scientists.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

J. Gordon


In the spring of 2007 I was diagnosed with nodules on the right lobe of my thyroid.  The doctor recommended a wait-and-see approach.  At the six month follow-up, the nodules were larger and it was recommended that I have the right lobe of the thyroid removed, because it is not easily determined in thyroid issues what is benign and what is malignant.  Even with this recommendation, I decided that I'd rather continue my wain-and-see approach.  The doctor said he'd support my decision as long as it was closely monitored.  I started to examine other ideas of why thyroid issues present themselves- these ideas were primarily in the metaphysical context.  I read about a possible connection between the thyroid and vocal expression of communication our “truth”.  I also read about thyroid issues sometimes being present in a person who is not expressing themselves through a creative outlet.

I decided that I need to get back into something that I had greatly enjoyed throughout my life that I was to currently doing – singing.  I found a group to sing with and realized how much I had missed it.  About this time I also had a friend recommend a woman to me who was a medical intuitive/spiritual healer.  With surgery as the only other stated option, I was interested in what she may be able to do.  Her name was Eva Crow.  I had no idea how well-known she was in the health/metaphysical/community of Atlanta when I started to see her – all I knew was that she was not far from me in Decatur, Ga.  I expected that I would see her two or three times and that the nodules would be gone.  There was quite a bit more to it than that.  She works on a far deeper level – addressing both energetic and psychological issues in a person.  It's very much like a counseling session with a laying on of hands.  I found that my meetings with her were addressing difficult issues in my life that were opportunities for growth.  At present, the nodules have stopped growing and my doctor and I feel comfortable with continuing to watch them with routine ultrasounds.

This past January, 2009, my 16 year old daughter became ill with what my husband and I, as well as her doctor, thought was a routine virus.  She had been under a great deal of stress for a couple of weeks and she was unhappy with the actions that we, as her parents, were taking to deal with the stressful situation she found herself in.  Very suddenly, she became much sicker and being two weeks into it, I took her back to the doctor where she was diagnosed with mononucleosis.  Now knowing what we were dealing with, we devised a plan for her to rest for a few days and then resume school with a half-day schedule. The pain and swelling in her throat, however, did not let up and became quite severe.  We decided that she needed to go to the hospital when she complained one morning that she couldn't swallow.  The next three days were a whirlwind of doctors and nurses trying to figure out why she was not responding to treatment for severe tonsillitis due to mononucleosis,  The doctors were concerned that she was forming an abscess in her throat that would need to be dealt with surgically.  From all appearances, she was not responding to the steroids or antibiotics that she was being given.  She continued to have trouble breathing (when sleeping), swallowing and speaking.  She was in excruciating pain that initially could only be controlled by morphine.  She had nearly completely lost her voice and her father and I were talking for her when doctors and nurses came into the room.  On the third day it was clear that she was no better and was, in fact, doing more poorly than either of the first two days.  The doctors seemed baffled and ordered a CT Scan to determine the cause of the swelling in her throat and whether they would need to take her to surgery that afternoon.  At this point, my husband and I were beside ourselves with worry and concern.  I suddenly realized that there was another option – to have Eva come to the hospital and assist our daughter in healing with energy work.  I didn't know how this idea would be received by my daughter.  She was, exhausted from being so sick and was open to anything that would help her get better.  I contacted Eva and she said she could be there that afternoon.  I told my daughter that she would not have to talk or even be awake while Eva was there.  Upon her arrival we were watching a movie.  Eva sat at the far end of the room and was quiet with her eyes closed.  This went on for about 30 minutes.  Then she came over to us and said that she needed to talk to my daughter.  Eva wanted to know what she was most concerned about – what was bothering her.  As best as she could, my daughter started to talk about how upset she was with me and my husband and the way we were handling the stressful situation she found herself in.  Eva told her that she thought that the illness was a manifestation of her not speaking her “truth” in the situation that was weighing heavily on her.  As they continued  to speak, an amazing thing happened – her voice started to become stronger and more clear.  It was like watching a miracle happen in slow motion.  Eva asked if we were noticing the change in her voice.  We were interrupted by the doctor's visit with the CT scan and determination that surgery was not necessary.  They did not comment on the change in her voice at that time because she spoke very little during that meeting, but just an hour later it was quite evident to the nurses that she had turned a corner – she was getting better minute by minute!  The Vicodin that was required just a few hours before was no longer needed and the nurses were able to understand her when she spoke.  She was thrilled that they were finally hearing her “real” voice.  By the evening she felt like going home, though she stayed through the next day for observation.  She has never even exhibited the usual exhaustion that plagues someone who has had mono.

What was the precipitating factor in her recovery?   Could it really be that physical ailments are connected to metaphysical realities?  Could the feeling that she did not have a “voice” in an upsetting matter caused her body to respond in a way that would literally STOP everything that was happening to her – and also literally take her voice away?  I'm choosing to believe that, yes, it is possible.  It is definitely worth considering when all other options are exhausted – and hopefully, now that I know, will be something I consider first if confronted with a similar situation.  Working with the energetic system of the body is an area of science that is still considered  by many a very “woo-woo, new-age” topic.  It is my hope that this air of mystery will be taken away with further evidence of the benefits provided by tending to this energetic field.   My hope is sharing this story is that people will realize the energetic healing option that exists, and to know that there are people like Eva Crow who understand this energetic plane and can affect it for the better.  If you are interested in the energetic work that Eva provides, she can be reached at (404) 343-2156.

H. M.


My work with Eva began over ten years ago.  During an 18 month chapter of my life I experienced  multiple traumas that began to affect my health, my faith and my view of the world.  My daughter had a seizure disorder in infancy which was quite difficult to control.  The doctors did not give us much hope for her recovery.  My (former)  husband died instantly of a heart attack at 47 years old right in front of me and I was unable to save him.  My best friend who shared our home had a life-threatening neurological disease with multiple strokes at the age of 35.  It was unclear whether she would survive and if she did whether she would be able to continue to care for her young son.  I wanted desperately to believe in God and resume the life of love I had previously known.  But I was confused and overwhelmed.  My body responded with chronic anemia – interestingly, a disease associated with loss of love.

Eva was a Godsend to me and I have continued to consult her through the years.  She helped me re-integrate the spiritual dimension, and my gifts, into my daily life and through that process my faith emerged stronger than ever.  With her I journeyed to Brazil where I met my wonderful husband, Paul.   My goal for the trip was to learn to love again – and his was to heal a broken heart!  Obviously, we accomplished both goals and have been happily married for almost 5 years.  Eva has worked with our daughter, Lillian, and she is a healthy, thriving 12 year-old against all medical prognostications.

All too often we avoid looking beyond our physical reality for healing and understanding.  Through Eva's work, I have come to appreciate the importance and value – even the necessity – of creating these opportunities.  Unfortunately, our routine daily existence compels us to respond to the immediate rather that integrating the spiritual dimension into our relationships, careers and health.  This is what Eva has offered me and I have seen countless positive rewards in my life and the lives of those I love.  I recommend Eva without reservation and know her to be a healer and teacher of extraordinary ability.

N. Paris


I had become comfortable with the confusing direction in my life.  My illness was becoming my central force of existence.  I had been so busy fighting to stay alive, I forgot who I was inside.  I was incomplete, a shell of a body with no direction.  I was unsure of myself, with no self-esteem, no goal in life.

When I first began seeing Eva, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I would leave her office after treatment, deep in thought, strangely aware of something different within.  It was as if a feeling of meeting me for the first time.  Initially, I found I was afraid of learning that I had the potential to do anything I wanted.  I had become afraid to live.  In hindsight, looking back, did the illness begin at this time?  After my sessions with Eva, I did learn to stop listening to outside influences and began listening to the quite calm inside of myself.  I began trusting my intuition.

Working with Eva was a team effort.  She had given the needed treatment; the rest would be up to me.  I would leave her office motivated to reach for the change I needed to move forward in my life.  The steps began small, but with Eva's tutoring and healing sessions, I would get a taste of the direction needed in my growth.  It was then up to me to follow through with the guidance I was being shown.  Of course, life doesn't always work out the way we plan.  The hiccups of everyday life occur and thus begin another journey down a different path.  Eventually, winding my way back on course, I am more diligent to staying on this path of growth and serving.

It is a constant battle within, to keep going, to be positive, to keep learning, to believe in myself.  I have had a little taste of heaven from Eva's healing journeys to Brazil with Joao de Deus.  It is the pure love that initiates the healing.  It is the acceptance of learning to love oneself unconditionally which guides us down our path, helping to complete the journey of healing.

I am constantly receiving love and guidance given by family and friends.  I now see the potential.  It is up to me to bring it to fruition.  I am thankful for Eva's guidance and patience.  I am thankful to my friends and family for their prayers and confidence in me to become whole again. Life is challenging.  It is how we meet those challenges that determine our daily path.

Life is what happens when you're living.  Actually John Lennon said better than anyone, “Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.  New Year's Day 1997, I had a stroke at age 31.  A stroke was unusual for my age, extreme in that I kept having smaller strokes, odd since I was in great physical shape at the time.

Three months prior to this occasion were endless visits to the neurologist.  Spinal taps, blood work, drugs by trial and error.  Nothing could determine what was causing the headaches, the exhaustion, or the vision problems.  The adversity faced New Year's Day is quite a feat in that I survived.  However, what became even more daunting after the fact, were the chemotherapy and steroids I endured to combat the organism eating away my blood vessels.  I was entangled in a Catch 22 situation.  Take the Western medicine approach with chemotherapy and live, or do nothing and die.

I went from jogging in the park with my 18 month old, to waddling like a duck due to the weight from the steroids.  I was using a cane for balance, in the beginning.  The heavy dosage of steroids caused severe osteoarthritis and extreme pain. I moved no to a wheelchair, eventually having a total hip replacement and both knees replaced.  I was 36 years old.   I had succumbed to living with a  body no longer my own, but that of a 70 year old woman.

Deepak Chopra states “negative and repressed emotions are one of the most fundamental causes of illness”.  At this moment in 2005, eight years after that fateful day, do I realize the impact of Chopra's statement from my own personal experiences.  I am just beginning to grasp the spiritual aspect of this journey of disease and healing in my life.

I became more aware of needing to eliminate the Western medicine from my body.  I looked for alternative methods of healing.  Acupuncture, acupressure and chiropractic care for pain management, Chinese herbs for post-menopausal symptoms and depression, and a medical intuitive that could help me understand the cause of my illness.

I was introduced to Eva Crow, a medical intuitive with the gift of seeing physical and emotional blockages in and around the body by reading a person's aura.  Her method of healing has been helping me to break life-long habits causing my own personal hell.  I became a victim at five years old, and I never let the momentum stop.  It is not an easy journey confronting your deepest fears and emotions, especially since they began at such a young age.  I became experienced at hiding from myself, never facing reality, never letting anyone get close.  Dealing with my emotions in this manner only attracted more negative energy, hence, the breakdown in my immune system attacking itself and the strokes.

Eva encouraged me to go with her on a journey to Brazil.  I was to meet a healer, John of God.  I went without expectations or judgment at what was occurring.  I met people from all over the world:  Australia, Bosnia, France, and the Middle East.  I saw people in wheelchairs, canes and crutches, the old and the young, the rich and the poor, all in white clothing, making their way to the casa of Joao de Deus, as he is called in Brazil.  These people came from all religions and believed they would feel the presence of their God.

I was one who experienced his gift on the first day.  Eva was at my side when I first went before John of God.  The cane I leaned on was removed from my grasp.  My hands automatically went into the air.  A voice within me was saying “Everything is going to be o.k.”  Within seconds, I was feeling a wave pass inside my body as a waterfall would feel going up and then I exhaled to release the cleansing energy.  I was told by John of God, “never use the cane again”, as it was thrown into the corner.  I felt the most wonderful love encircling me, running through my veins, holding my body up to feel it's powers as I walked without my cane.

In six months, I will be 45 years old.  Life is what happened when I was busy trying to live.  Too busy ignoring the past, too busy inviting negativity into my life.  I was introduced to a new possibility of living and accepting positive change in my life.  With guidance, I am consciously letting go of the past 40 years and moving forward.

D. Yokely

I was referred to Eva at a very low time in my life about 4 years ago.  After meeting with her once I never looked back.  At times I almost felt honored to be able to work with her.  She guided me and helped me really 'see' who I am.  She helped me change my life.

Today, I'm very happily married and I know I would not be here were it not for Eva.

R. Lynn

Approximately four years ago I attended a spiritual conference in Atlanta that featured John of God, the world renowned spiritual healer from Brazil.  (I had met John of God the previous year when I attended a two-week visit to his healing center in Brazil)  At this conference, I had a lengthy conversation with a guy who told me about Eva Crow who was a counselor and a cousin of John of God.  I got her phone number and gave her a call forthwith.  I have been a client of hers ever since.

Eva is a gifted medical intuitive and spiritual counselor.  She is firm and forthright, while at the same time she is caring and considerate.  Eva is led by spiritual guides and is in contact with them during sessions with the clients.  She is not only effective in her work, but is an engaging and delightful person as well.

I consider myself blessed to be a friend and client of Eva Crow.

E. Brown

I have known and worked with Eva for many years.   I have journeyed with Eva to Brazil, and with her guidance, I have journeyed with Eva to my own inner spaces.  With her help, I have experienced significant physical healings, emotional breakthroughs and spiritual awakenings.

The work we have done together has, at times, been personally challenging, sometimes requiring a firm, but gentle nudge.  In my experience, Eva's work and guidance is always given with honesty and integrity, and with her client's best interests in mind and heart.
Throughout the years I have been grateful for Eva's loving friendship and guidance.  I have made great strides in my own personal journey, due in large part to Eva's compassion and commitment to me as a healer, guide and friend.

I have also worked with Eva on energetic “cleansings”, successfully clearing negative energies from my homes, work places and even my own energetic field.  She is very experienced and highly successful with this type of work as well.    
I heartily recommend Eva as a healer, light worker and guide for anyone's journeys.

J. Lawson


I began seeing Eva Crow shortly after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in early “06.  I was referred to her by a dear friend, long before the diagnosis, but didn't follow through until I got the news.  Needless to say, I was very scared and desperately searching for help.  I went to many of the best doctors in Atlanta, but was told to watch and wait.  The majority opinion was that any procedure was too risky, due to the location of the mass. It was at that time that I chose to see Eva because I wanted to “go outside the medical box”, as well as learn to empower my own healing skills.

On my first visit, Eva picked up on the “thing growing in my head” and immediately began healing visualizations with me.  She took me to Brazil within two weeks to see a healer there.  I had a very positive experience in Brazil and continued to see Eva when we returned to Atlanta.  As a result, my self confidence began to grow.  I learned many techniques with visualization and meditation, which allowed me to take more control of the healing within my own body.

Shortly after returning from Brazil, I went to Duke for a biopsy and learned that the cells were malignant.  I continued seeing Eva as she guided my treatment, if you will, and helped advise me of what would be most useful for me.  I was told by a good friend about a physician in Houston who specialized in brain tumors using a non-toxic approach.  Eva helped with my decision to go for this treatment.  I really respect her opinions and based many of my healthcare choices on them.

I am almost a four year survivor now!  My Houston oncologist thinks that most of the tissue could be scar tissue and he is very satisfied with the success of the treatment. I feel that the spiritual work that I received from Eva spearheaded everything else I have done.  Eva Crow has taught me so much about life and healing.  I use her techniques to this day every day to enhance all areas of my life.  She has so much dedication and determination, and, of course, knowledge for what she does.  I give much credit and love to Eva because if it weren't for her, I may not be here today.  The one thing she taught/said to me in the beginning, that I will always remember, is “God's Love Heals, Mary”.

Eva  is the best!  I love her!

God's Love Heals,

M. Brittain

In wanting to resolve a myriad of personal, emotional, and spiritual issues, I have worked with other counselors with various success.  Inevitably I would find that the nature of the work I did with them no longer served to help me grow, heal, or even feel better.  Providence finally led me to work with Eva Crow, and in a world of general practitioners, she is a surgeon.

At various times she has been a mother, mentor, and friend.  She has led me with incalculable kindness to face and heal some of the lesser, illusory parts of myself, and has blatantly taken on some of the larger, more insidious parts of me while I stood, to the side, protected.  It only takes me remembering this when I try to wallow in my habitually disempowered vision of myself, which I do less and less, mostly because she won't let me get away with it.

Eva has helped me learn that the highest and best parts of ourselves are to be developed and experienced here and now, and that the work done in the everyday is the truest path to fulfillment.

I shudder to think of the arc of my self-development had I not been led to work with her, and there is an intimate, expanding society that will tell similar stories. I can't claim to understand the nature of the forces and beings she works with, but she has made many of those forces real and tangible.  She has bridged healing energies that reside all around us and brought them into everyday experience, and that may be the best part of time spent with her.

W. Morris


            There was a time in my life when I was totally filled with despair, anger and felt like a victim of Life itself.  I felt that for some reason or another, happiness was unattainable for me – only being available for a select group of people; Everyone else!  Somehow, through the every day heartaches and let downs of my life, I had come to the conclusion that if there was any type of Higher Power – it certainly has written me off a long time ago....along with many others in my life.

            Then one day, I came across an article in Atlanta Magazine, about Eva Crow.  I really knew in that moment I had to find this woman.  I had spend hundreds of dollars in the past on psychiatrists.  While working with one would make me feel good temporarily, situations would always come about again to knock me on my rear...I knew I needed more that someone who had spent years in school;  I needed someone who could help me begin to spiritually heal.

            Eva Crow, with her incredible intuitive ability, was able to help me trust again.  Trust Life, trust relationships, and most importantly, trust myself.  Through working with Eva, I have learned that the Universe really supports happiness and success in each individual.  I now realize that it it within my power to truly create  the life I want to live.

            Seeing first hand, Eva's connection with Spirit, gave me the faith to really dig deep and purge all the negative crap I had been holding onto for years, thus creating an open space to be filled by positive feelings of my own creation.  I finally feel powerful today, connected to a Higher Power, and happy (most of the time).  After 15 years of self-doubt, I am finally pursuing the career of my dreams!  I am filled with confidence that I can create a future that I will be thrilled to be a part of, and I really owe a lifetime of gratitude to the woman who helped me get there... Eva Crow.

A. Nugent

The answer to my prayers for guidance and direction has come in the form of Eva Crow.  Eva's unique gifts have helped me heal old wounds and have given me strategies for dealing with life's day to day challenges.  I have seen real improvements in my physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Through m work with Eva I have realized a strength I didn't know I had, experienced a peace I thought was unattainable, and have been given a clarity about my life that has been quite surprising.  Working with Eva had been the best gift I could have ever given myself or my family.  Thank you Eva!

M. Kandg

            In 2004 I began seeing Eva Crow primarily to address chronic depression.  My entire family suffers from depression and at 42 my depression had progressed to the level that was beginning to have a deleterious effect on every area of my life.   Every morning I had to convince myself to get out of bed; I began seeing Eva with only the hope of getting myself through the day.  I was in such a depleted state that I actually showed up for my first appointment two hours early.

            I always leave Eva's office feeling better than when I walked in, no matter how difficult a session may have been.  One year after working with Eva my chronic depression was reduced to intermittent depression.  As of this writing I have not had a major depression since 2006.  The work I do with Eva is often not what I expect, but it is always effective.  Eva's work is far more productive than any talk therapy I have done, and I have done a great deal of talk therapy.  It is a therapy that deeply affects the body, and the changes that begin in her office continue to develop long after you leave.  Working with Eva is sometimes confrontational; but, I have always found her to be deeply concerned about my well-being and committed to helping me achieve the things I desire.  I have sent many of my friends to see Eva and have received many phone calls thanking me.  As one friend said, “I forgot that I could feel good”.  Eva in a generous, funny, tenacious, compassionate soul.  All that is required to benefit from Eva's work is an open heart and a willingness to commit to doing the work required.  I have deep gratitude for Eva and the work she does.

S. Morton


My husband and I are happy to share the positive impact that Eva has had on our lives.  We first met Eva several years ago when she came highly recommended by one of our dear friends.  At the time, my then boyfriend now husband and I found ourselves stressed out with the demands of work and everyday life and struggling with relationship issues.  She in an intuitive, warm and caring practitioner that has allowed us to eliminate obstacles in our lives and release more of our innate potential which significantly our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.  As one-time “skeptics”, we cannot say enough great things about our experience in promoting our personal growth and development.  We truly believe that we are together as a family blessed with a new baby and stronger, happier and more productive than we have ever been before as a result of working with Eva.  We thank Eva for her guidance and believe that God calls special people for special work, and Eva is so very special.

Scott and Rick


Eva Crow has been a lighthouse for my ship of life.  She has pulled me up when times were down and stayed the course with me through long-term problems.  She has never given up on me.  She has been a whole-life counselor, not only helping me with health conditions but giving me pep-talks and deep guidance for all parts of my life.  She has helped me have the guts to follow my true life-path.

She has always been very honest with me and not afraid to tell me things I didn't want to hear but needed to hear.  She is a true spiritual friend.

M. Nargundkar


            It has always been my belief that the causes and solutions to my issues and even physical challenges are within me.  For that reason, when I decided to seek another perspective to help me understand some things about my life and beliefs, I was looking for something more that intellectual psycho-babble or pills.
In Eva Crow I have found a truly caring and specially-gifted helper.  The fascinating Spirit Guides that serve through her, her years of experience in energy work, and her sincere devotion to this service, provide deep, true, and clear information for my consideration, as well as wonderfully effective energy work.
Healing and restoring balance is her goal.  This can involve anything from the simplest common-sense changes, to mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual help and inspiration.
From the simplest mundane issues, to deep-seated blind spots, to physical ailments, the service Eva offers is powerful, lovingly presented, and effective.  She is highly respected in healing circles, and I recommend her highly!


August 28, 2009

I like the work Eva does because it is based on the truth.  It goes deep into who we really are, as she always says, change to become who we really are, and to live life fully taking advantage of everything the universe has to offer us.  She does not let me get away with anything, she knows her patients and has the ability, along with her guides, to steer us to the right direction even when we feel that everything is lost and there is no way out.
Eva touched my life in so many ways, she showed me what it really matters and she always brings me back to it when I forget.  Thanks to her I found happiness again, life has a new meaning; I am learning how to appreciate the moments and the people that surround me.  She helped me to develop a new relationship with my daughter, to accept her, to understand her.  She helped me to see the relationship with my husband in a different perspective, to look at changing my behaviors and and stop expecting the others to follow my control.  Not easy, changes sometimes are scary to face, this is when it is great to have someone like Eva strong and truthful standing by you and giving you the support and assistance that you need, every step of the way.  I can finally see that I am on the right pass to fulfill my mission in this life and I am thankful to Eva and the guides that  have helped me to get there.

M. Hunermund


Eva and Energy

            Several years ago, I entered Eva's office not really knowing what to expect.  For a while, I had been “open” to energy work.  It simply fascinated me.  I am an RN and knew that I didn't want to mask my symptoms using pharmaceuticals which would only cause more symptoms or reactions.  I had gone through physical healing using the alternative route, which led me to energy work.  I had no idea what I was in for or how my life would change and more importantly, how my family would change.  Thanks to Eva and her many suggestions, including that I learn Reiki, I have created healing with my family and also my friends.

            From the first day and even still, I will leave her office and think...how did she know this or that?  She “seems” to always know what we need to work on next or what has been on my mind.

            I believe that Eva has the ability to see what needs to be done on an energetic level.  The energetic level is where all issues/diseases begin.  Eva has taught me that what you think is what you get.  One's thoughts are more powerful than most people can imagine.  A major component to healing is changing our beliefs and how we think.  I believe that the masters of the past such as Jesus, Buddah and the Native American elders knew how powerful the mind was and utilized it to their fullest potential.

            Eva works with her “Spirit Guides” to help her clients.  After discussing what she sees or feels, she uses guided imagery, Reiki and other gifts that I am not aware of, to begin the healing on the energetic level.  She also has the ability to work remotely.  She has done quite a bit of work on my family remotely.  One day in particular, I was very worried about my oldest son and of course she picked up on it immediately without me having to say anything.  After discussing the issue that I was worried about and how I needed to prepare for the remote work, we set a date.  My son went from having a different way of learning and being somewhat shy to an A and B student, very athletic and a very sociable young man.  Did I mention that she has never physically met him?  Since working with Eva, it seems that the flow of energy has created some pretty major healing with my family. My husband, who used to make fun of my “woo-woo stuff” has now completed the Silva course. (Eva's recommendation) and is completely on board with the method.  During a recent stress test, he was able to lower his heart rate while applying th Silva Method.  I never thought I would see the day!

            Over a year ago, Eva suggested that I learn Reiki for myself and family.  The day that I learned Reiki had to be one of the most profound days of my life.  This has led to healing of myself, family and friends.  It seems that the flow of energy/healing has created a wonderful path that I am very fortunate to be on.

            Eva not only works on healing the person but teaches her clients how to heal themselves.  I can't imagine where I would be emotionally or physically if I had not connected with Eva.

A. Stringer

Dear Eva,

I wanted to write you a note to thank you for all you have done for me and my family. I feel truly blessed for knowing you.  You have improved my life in more ways than I can even count or imagine.

I think the most profound impact you've had on me has been in helping me grow in my acceptance of others.  While I look forward to continuing to improve in this area, you've  helped me to open parts of myself I had shut down.  I only wish I had met you sooner.  I would've gotten so much more out of life.

I look forward to continuing our relationship, both personally and professionally.  You are a good friend and wonderful human being.  Thank you for being exactly who you are.


D. Drabik

To say Eva has been instrumental in shaping my life is an understatement.  I was a different person before I met her and better for it every day she has enlightened and enriched my life.

I remember vividly the day I sat in a coffee shop reading an article about her work in the then local newspaper “30306”.  The article spoke to me many ways about healing of the past and moving the energy for the future but also in a more personal way about her personal healing journey which included overcoming a debilitating bout with arthritis.  I felt like the article was written to me directly and felt it was a sign that I too can overcome my debilitations.  At the time I had been just existing and not living.  I suffered most of my life with arthritis, depression, weight issues, and anxiety and had no connection to my mind, body and soul.  I kept everything compartmentalized.  I ran home immediately and left a message about setting up an appointment.  The days and weeks passed and I had not heard back from her but I was determined to meet her and left another message.  She eventually called me back and we met several weeks later.  I remember waiting for the appointment as I knew then it was going to be the beginning of a new chapter of my life even though I knew nothing about healing and energy work, something told me to trust her and the process.

That was seven years ago – since then my journey with her has been remarkable.  Not only has she helped improve the quality of my life emotionally and physically, she has also become an important person in my life.  Eva cares about each and every one of her patients and has their best interest at the heart of all she does.  She opens your mind to new ways of thinking about yourself and others.  She keeps you grounded to what is really important.  She has enriched my life and I am very appreciative of her shaping who I have become – I am grounded, physically healthier, and emotionally happy and have been able to channel what is important to my well-being.  I spent a lot of time worrying about others and what they think and had forgotten about me.  She has truly been a gift in my life in moving the energy that blocked me from becoming the person I am today.  Thank you for giving me the spirit to reach my dreams.

K. Hahn

The work Eva Crow does is truly transformational.  Outer circumstances only change when you change yourself on the inside.  Some of this change is within your control.  But deep work is best done with help.  Asking for and then allowing this kind of help can be part of the healing process.  Eva is a master at working with you at these deep levels with a kind of empathy, safety and competence rarely seen.  If yo have an opportunity to work with her, consider yourself extremely blessed.

I did get to work with her and my life was completely (dare I say magically) transformed.  I'm now living both the internal and external life of my dreams.  This would never have been possible without her. From the bottom of my heart...I love you Eva, and will forever be grateful for you and your work.

R. McLaughlin

Eva Crow is a highly professional medical intuitive who is dedicated to the health and well-being of her clients.  In addition, her special relationship with Joao de Deus, the world-renowned spiritual healer of Brazil, allows her to introduce her clients to an extraordinary experience.  With direct knowledge of her skills, we can recommend her without qualification.

P.Flicker, M.D. & M. Schultz

I first met Eva Crow at a John of God seminar in Atlanta.  Soon afterwards I made an appointment to see her.  I was very curious concerning her medical intuitive work and wondered if it could be of help to me.   Even with the first appointment I began to feel a break-through within.

Her guidance has helped and is helping me confront, accept and eliminate areas of myself where there was a blockage of energy.  There is no way to deceive her and her guides so honesty is the best response.  It has been thrilling to me to have Eva to guide and encourage me through these steps of self-awareness.  Looking deep inside as to who I am, becoming aware of past lives baggage and feeling that I'm part of the Oneness have been some of my journey with her.  I'm grateful for the blessing Eva is to me.

L. J. Brown


I came to Eva Crow not knowing what to expect, but I knew there needed to be changes in the perspective of my life.  My reality was not reality at all, but a fantasy I was living.  Through working with Eva I have become a self-reliant person with a positive outlook and a determined self-confidence to make my life the best it can be.  Many negative self-thoughts needed to be changed and Eva helped me to turn those around making me the happy person I have become.  I am ever grateful for the work to which we have committed.

D. Walker

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