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Eva Crow

A native of Brazil, Eva Crow is an internationally recognized healer and medical intuitive.   From an early age Eva immersed herself in indigenous Brazilian healing traditions, conventional medical practices and more formal modes of religious healing.  When Eva was seven years old she had a premonition of the untimely death of her father, a renowned physician and surgeon.  For years following her father’s death, Eva struggled to accept and understand her intuitive gifts.  As this process unfolded Eva’s clairvoyance emerged as one of her most powerful gifts and to this day it is the foundations of her practice.  Eva began her formal education in religious boarding school and from here she continued on to study massage, meditation, mediumship, remote viewing, astral projection and many other techniques for mental discipline and healing.  During this process Eva developed a keen interest in the relationship between the body and nutrition and she continues to refine her skills in the art of healthy cooking.

Eva’s deep desire is to fully understand her gifts and to use them in service to humanity.  As a result, she remains committed to developing a fuller understanding of her talents and their healing potential.  Eva’s signature method of healing as a medical intuitive has been refined and distilled over many years of practice and she recognizes that many health problems are a product of the stress of living in the 21st century.  As a medium she joins with her clients to create a spiritual environment that fosters self-healing.  This healing method extends far beyond the physical aspects of health into the depths of the human body to uncover the mental, emotional and spiritual influences that affect an individual’s emotional wellbeing and physical health.  Eva is intently focused on assisting her clients in resolving their health challenges by cultivating an acceptance their own divinity.  Her heartfelt desire is to contribute to the emergence of a new global consciousness, one awakened human being at a time.  Though darkness is an essential part of the human experience, Eva demonstrates that through acceptance of the God within, it is possible to become one with the universe and to eliminate many of the causes of illness and addiction.

Eva has worked with hundreds of individuals who have experienced healing in a variety of areas: physical illness, emotional distress, personal and familial relationships, doubts and fears, career challenges, and other ordinary and not so ordinary issues that result from everyday life.  As a complement to her practice, she leads groups to the healing center at the Casa Dom Ignacio, to meet with the spiritual healer, Joao de Deus (John of God).  Eva is firmly grounded in the awareness that these healings are not a product of her own efforts and returns all honor and appreciation to God.



For more information about Eva Crow, including scheduling appointments and healing journeys, please contact her at (404) 343-2156.



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