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Your Journey - Casa de Dom Inacio



It is in a tiny, remote village in central Brazil called Abadiania, located in the state of Goias, where Joao works every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Joao has dedicated himself and his time at the Casa de Dom Inacio (the House of St. Igantius Loyola) since 1978. Everyday this center is filled with hundreds whom have traveled for days to see him. His work is free of charge.


The Center Casa De Dom Inacio


The "World Garden" at the center


The grounds of the center sets on about five acres of manicured lawns and flowered gardens overlooking the rolling hills of the lush Brazilian countryside. There, among the group of five clean and simple buildings is the largest building - the assembly hall where people gather in front of a small stage to witness the visible operations. There is also a recovery room where people who have had surgeries can rest, as well as two current rooms where mediums sit in meditation focusing healing energy to those in need.


The patron Dom Inacio de Loyola - the
main entity incorporated by the medium Joao


Although compassionate volunteers run the casa, most speak Portuguese and the guests must depend on a translator. Owners of the hotels, shops and restaurants also speak Portuguese, primarily, so Eva is always on hand to make certain that everyone's needs are met by translating on their behalf. This is just one of the few reasons that Eva is the perfect guide on this journey.


"Powerwalk" to the center


Our group with Joao at the center


Crystal bed


Evidence of healings



Joao Teixeira de Faria, a man who dedicates his life to healing the sick and incurable, is visited by thousands of people from around the globe looking for cures. A renowned and gifted spirit medium Joao acts as a spiritual intermediary between the living and the dead. This Brazilian man is likely the most scrutinized and tested healing medium ever to grace our physical world.

Joao and the practitioner Eva Crow


Joao not only communicates with spirit, but also incorporates the spirit entity; meaning he is literally taken over by the spirit, thereby losing consciousness, while his body is used to conduct physical and nonphysical surgery by the spirit entities who work through him. He later 'wakes' after a few hours without any knowledge of his actions during the incorporation.

Joao incorporates more than 30 entities that were physicians, theologians, psychotherapists and other notable figures of their time. There are countless documented recordings of his operations, healings and cures.


Some of us and Joao


The trip is highly recommended to everyone in search of self-discovery. Just to have the opportunity to observe such healing occurrences is spiritually enriching and life altering. If you go to the center with the expectation and willingness to be healed, then it is likely that you will receive this gift and continue on a path of physical and spiritual recovery. For those wishing to go, at least 3 sessions with Eva are required. This ensures that you will be better prepared for the experience. Additionally, the Brazil groups are required to meet at least 2 times for pre-trip instructions; these meetings will include instruction on what to bring, as well as information on the weather, currency exchange and accommodations. There are also pre- and post- surgery dietary restrictions that must be observed.


A visa and a valid passport are required to enter Brazil. You can expect the trip to last a full week. All reservations will be made for the entire group so that we remain together while traveling. Brazil's subtropical temperatures vary slightly, between dry and rainy seasons. Average daytime temperatures range from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It is required that the guests wear white-colored clothing at the center in order to provide a conducive environment without distraction for the healing process.

While there are a number of hotels in the village, there is one, the Hotel Amazonas, that stands out in quality, warmth and friendship. Eva has become friendly with the owners and they embrace all guests that she has brought there to stay. They offer clean rooms and bathrooms, as well as three healthy and delicious meals each day.

After attending sessions at the center Wednesday through Friday, the group is taken out of the village to enjoy site-seeing trips to nearby farms, cathedrals and the city of Brasilia, where shopping, eating and touring is in order. You can expect to return with crystals, which are indigenous to Brazil, hand-made rugs, dolls and lace, etc.



More importantly than site seeing and as important as the healings are the bonds that are established within the group. The week is yours to reflect, heal, pray, play and embark on new friendships. Please feel free to take a look at some photos that were taken during these trips.

Please contact Eva if you are interested in going on this journey to Brazil. She will be glad to discuss the opportunity in great detail and put you in touch with individuals who have gone so that they can share their own insights with you.



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